6368 Ogedei Khan w/Sword


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Référence 6368

Thème : les Croisades

Saint Petersbourg Collection 6368 Ogedei Khan w/Sword

Echelle 54mm

Peinte par les meilleurs artistes de Saint Pétersbourg, produit en petite quantité et peinte à la main


Product Description

Ogedei was the third son of Genghis Khan. Charismatic and demonstrating leadership skills while serving with his father on his many campaigns, Ogedei was chosen by Genghis Khan to be his successor over his two older brothers.
Recognized as the “Kha Khan” (leader of all the tribes) by the gathered Mongol hierarchy in 1229, Ogedei proceeded to militarily follow in his father’s footsteps with the conquest of China. He defeated the northern China Chings and continued the conflict with the southern Sung Chinese. Ogedei ordered general Subotai and his sons to initiate the invasion of Russia in 1237.
The death of Ogedei in 1241 brought a halt to the march of the Mongol armies in Europe and the Middle East. All of the princes in the Genghis line were required to return to Karakorum to select a new Kha Khan.
The intense rivalry among the various Mongol leaders fractured the previous homogeneity of the Mongol state. The future would witness a series of semi-separate territories or Khanates.

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