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Reference VN015

Brand : WW2

King & Country VN015 The USMC M50 A1 ONTOS

Officially known as ‘The Rifle, Multiple 106mm, Self-propelled, M50 this U.S. light armoured, tracked, anti tank vehicle became better known as ‘THE ONTOS’.

Initially designed in the 1950’s as a fast tank-killer for airborne forces it won its battlefield reputation during the Vietnam War.

Its six 106mm recoilless rifles comprised its main armament and could be fired in rapid succession against single targets to guarantee a ‘kill’.

Although originally designed for the Army’s Airborne divisions it eventually ended up with the Marines after the Army cancelled the project.

The Marines however used the ‘ONTOS’ for direct fire support against enemy infantry operating in fixed locations such as bunkers and houses.

During the battle for Hue the ONTOS was much in evidence and played a major role in helping the Marines retake the old Imperial Capital.

Our King & Country model is in USMC markings and carries the nickname ‘SIX-GUN SUZIE’ on one of its six 106mm barrels.  The set also includes a vehicle commander in the top open hatch firing his .30 cal. machine gun.