SAF002 Standing Gurkha Contingent Policeman

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Référence SAF002

Thème : 2ème Guerre mondiale

King & Country SAF002 Standing Gurkha Contingent Policeman

   The Singapore Armed Forces may be relatively small in numbers but they are highly professional, well motivated and extremely well-equipped and trained.

          In addition to the “Regular” full-time soldiers, sailors and airmen ... Singapore has ‘National Service’ for all male Singaporeans over the age of 18.

          Upon ‘Call-Up’ young Singaporeans will either be directed to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)the Singapore Police Force (SPF) or the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The vast majority go to the SAF.

          Within the SAF the best and most elite unit is the Singapore Commando Formation.  A battalion-sized unit that specializes in reconnaissance and preemptive operations in small groups within enemy territory.

          Our special Singapore event figure portrays a soldier of the Commando Formation in NO. 1 Dress uniform complete with Red Beret and carrying his SAR21, the 5.56mm Assault Rifle, Singapore designed and manufactured weapon with fixed bayonet.

          Although the majority of these figures were distributed at the Singapore event we have a small number available for interested dealers and collectors around the world.


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