WS351 Panther Ausf. G. PRE ORDER

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Référence WS351

Thème : 2ème Guerre mondiale

King & Country Waffen SS WS351 Panther Ausf. G. PRE ORDER


Fabricant:             King & Country                    Etat:                       Neuf en boite d’origine

Matière:                 Plomb peint                      Epoque:                 Contemporain 

Type:                     Figurine métal                  Echelle:                    54mm

This latest Panther Ausf. G is painted in the colour scheme known as ‘Hinterhalt-Tarnung’ or ‘Ambush’ camouflage specifically designed to help conceal combat vehicles under trees and other kinds of foliage.

This particular colour scheme came about from the actual battlefield experience learned from the Normandy campaign where German vehicles and tanks suffered disastrous losses from Allied fighter bomber attacks.

That necessitated a new, improved camouflage of contrasting spots and colours that simulated the shadows and shards of light passing through and under a canopy of trees and woodland.

Together with the very-recently released TIGER this new PANTHER makes a welcome addition to King & Country’s ‘BIG CAT’ Collection.

The model includes the tank commander figure and is representative of a Panther of the2nd SS Panzer Regiment of the 2nd SS Panzer Division “Das Reich.

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