French Infantry Kneeling Firing

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Référence GW016

Thème : 1ere Guerre Mondiale

First Legion - WW1 GW016 French Infantry Kneeling Firing - 34th Infantry Regt

Fabricant:           First Légion                            Etat:                        Neuf en boite d’origine

Matière:                 Plomb peint                         Epoque:                 Contemporain

Type:                     Figurine métal                     Echelle:                 60mm

 the 34th Regiment of Infantry as this regiment is one of the glorious regiments of the French Army dating all the way back to 1625 when it was first formed.    During WWI the regiment served with the 34th Infantry Division throughout the war and participated in the Battles of Verdun, the Marne, and the Somme and that was just in 1916.  They were engaged in all five years of hte conflict.