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Thème : 2ème Guerre mondiale

King & Country Falklands War TF003 C'mon Pablo Keep Moving! PRE ORDER

The first crucial land battle of the Falklands War took place over 14 hours on May 28-29, 1982.

Located on East Falkland’s central isthmus, the settlement of Goose Green was also the site of a small airfield. Almost 1200 Argentinean forces, mostly army but some airforce, were in a series of well-defended positions, within striking distance of San Carlos Water, where the British task force had just made its successful amphibious landing and therefor posed a potential threat.

The main British assault force consisted of the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment (2 Para) together with a troop of three 105mm guns from 29 Commando Regt., Royal Artillery and one Milan anti-tank missile platoon plus several Scout helicopters. In addition, close air support was provided by three Royal Air Force Harriers and naval gunfire from a Royal Navy frigate, HMS Arrow.

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