AL072 Dismounted Rifleman

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Référence AL072

Thème : 1ere Guerre Mondiale

King & Country AL072 Dismounted Rifleman

In appearance the uniform of the NZ Mounted Rifles volunteers was not dissimilar to the Australian Light Horse.  Both wore a slouch hat although the ‘Kiwi’ trooper does not have an emu feather in his hat band but instead has the Khaki pugree (hatband) with a forest green stripe in the centre.

        In addition the New Zealanders wore cloth puttees instead of the Aussies leather leggings.

        Our figure is also in ‘shirtsleeve’ order wearing the army blue / grey collarless shirt together with braces and belt holding up his khaki trousers.  Across his chest he wears the mounted troops ammunition bandoleer.  His rifle is the standard SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) .303 rifle.


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