King & Country - RETIRED

 King & Country's pieces are hand-made and are not produced ad vitam aeternam: after a certain period of time (unknown in advance) the production of a reference is stopped. The reference is then withdrawn from the market and can no longer be purchased from K&C or K&C distributors. These pieces are called "RETIRED" and can only be purchased from distributors with existing stock or on the second-hand market. Thanks to its network of more than 2000 collectors, Figurines & Collections is able to find, evaluate and put back on sale these pieces to allow you to complete your collections.

While most of them are ordered in advance, we do our best to put a maximum of RETIRED pieces online. This tab allows you to find a selection of more than 150 pieces, all in new condition, for 90% with their original boxes. Do not hesitate to send us your requests! 

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