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Référence WS397

Thème : 2ème Guerre mondiale

King & Country WS397(SE) PzKpfwVI ‘KURSK TIGER’ Hull #S33 RETIRE

Fabricant:             King & Country                    Etat:                       Neuf en boite d’origine

Matière:               Plomb peint                           Epoque:                Contemporain 

 Type:                     Figurine métal                     Echelle: 54mm


The Panzerkampfwagen VI better known by its nickname ‘THE TIGER’ was one of the most powerful tanks to see action during the Second World War. Conceived as a response to the heavily armoured Soviet tanks the Germans encountered after their invasion of Russia in June 1941, the ‘TIGER’ completely outclassed all its opponents at the time of its introduction. Its formidably thick frontal armour was almost impossible to penetrate with all existing anti-tank weapons systems of the period. Armed with a superb tank version of the 88mm KwK 36 Flak Gun it was capable of destroying enemy targets at well over 2 kilometres. There were even some reports of ‘kills’ at almost 4 kilometres! Being a heavy armoured ‘breakthrough’ vehicle it was often employed as the spearhead of many German offensives. Our latest ‘KURSK TIGER’ represents one of two from the Heavy Tank Company of the 2nd. Waffen SS Division ‘DAS REICH’ which was equipped with Tigers. Painted in the two-colour camouflage scheme typical of Das Reich vehicles during the Battle of Kursk this model comes with many unique features: ALL-METAL DIECAST HULL, TURRET and 88mm MAIN GUN…MOVING FLEXIBLE METAL TRACK… ROLLING WHEELS with FULL SUSPENSION… FOUR OPENING HATCHES… PLUS TWO ORIGINAL CREW FIGURES FOR EACH TURRET.

Notice: This KURSK TIGER is packaged in a sturdy, custom-designed, full-colour presentation box and with a numbered certificate limiting each model to just 250 pieces.